DIY Christmas Presents!

Time is running out ... I have exhausted the malls and I'm proud to say that many of my Christmas gift purchases are handmade or vintage from fellow Etsy sellers this year.  Still there were just a few more people that I couldn't think of what to give (the receptionist at Cibella's dance school, for example).

In my endless googling search for creative and unique gifts, I came across this tutorial from Just a Girl.
Tile Coasters

So pretty, very easy to make and a thoughtful gift for the holiday season! 

This weekend, I purchased tiles from Lowes, a stamp and ink pad from AC Moore, and yesterday Cibella and I had a try at stamping while Luca napped.  They turned out great - a few smudged ones, but since Cibella basically did them herself - I inked and she stamped - I was very pleased.  She was quite proud to tell her Nonna that she made them, too!  I'm going to buy a few more so Luca gets to make some as well.  I will post some pictures of our creations soon.

And for those, who would rather purchase already made tile coasters, visit oolalachic's shop for some wonderful designs.

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