{Real Parties} Miss Spider's Sunny Patch Birthday

Hi everyone!  I'm back - not 100% but a lot better.  I ended up in the ER Saturday night with my high fever and a rash on my face as a result of the fever.  After IV's, blood tests, chest x-rays, and being given a muscle relaxer (why? you ask.  I'm so glad!  Apparently, everyone is in pain at the ER, so they just gave me some pain killers.  No idea - I wasn't in pain and the muscle relaxers made my arms and legs feel like jello.), I was informed I had a a fever and rash.  NO joke!  That was my diagnosis!  On another page, it stated virus.  Needless to say, I felt oh so relieved that I spent 3 1/2 hours of my life there on Saturday.  HAHA!

Okay, okay - enough about me - back to the party!

Tamara at The McDonald World hosted a Miss Spider's Sunny Patch party for her daughter's 2nd birthday.  She did a fantastic job with the decor and activites for the children.  My favorites are the Tree centerpiece and mini paper lantern bug friends.  She utilized free print outs from Nick Jr. for some of the activites and decor (I like free!)  Great job Tamara and thank you for sharing the party with us!  Don't forget to visit her blog, too!


Miss Spider Sunny Patch Party

For Lauren's 2nd birthday, I decided to go with a Miss Spider theme...little did I know (after I had my heart set on this idea) that it would be near impossible to find anything Miss Spider out there. This is such a cute show and so perfect for this age, that I feel like they are really missing the boat by not marketing it anymore. If it were not for the Nick Jr. printables and some creative work on my part and the bakery's part, this party would not have been very successful. At least decor wise! Lauren had over about 3 of her friends and they all have siblings that are Sarah's age so it made for a nice sized party. Her are the photos and the specifics!

Theme: Miss Spider Sunny Patch
Food: Palio's Pizza & Salad
Drinks for kids: Apple juice, lemonade, milk
Cake: The Cakery (Southlake) The bottom part was white cake with white butter cream and the Miss Spider was chocolate cake with white butter cream! Heavenly!
Colors: Played off of the lime green and yellow colors mostly, but it was a very colorful party
Decor: I made my own buggy friends out of small colored paper lanterns, craft poms poms, pipe cleaners and felt. I found one place online that had one package of Miss Spider "blow-outs" and they had the cute bug antenna "party hats". My husband made the Hollow Tree tree trunk out of construction paper. The rest was really balloons and crepe paper
Flowers: Yellow tulips and multi-colored gerber daisies
Games: Bean bag toss, bowling, parachute, Velcro ball & catch game and lots of printables to color and play with from Nick Jr. I also had a Miss Spider video playing to keep them entertained while at the party table.

The Invite

The "party room"

The place settings

The wonderful cake

Her cute cupcakes left over from what she took to "school"

Drink boxes to match decor

The goodie bags: I could not find 10 of the same Miss Spider book at any bookstore, so I did a mixture of books to accommodate the different ages and genders. Also add some little slinky's and glow in the dark bracelets in lime green. The girls got a sunflower in their bag!

My homemade bugs and colored lanterns

Buggy facts I printed off of Nick Jr.

The printables to color and a "I promise to be good to bugs" certificate

All sitting down for pizza!

Me with my sweets!

It is n


  1. wow... that looks amazing! such creativity!!
    oh, i love your smugmug.
    check out mine/ my fathers


  2. I love that party! So creative! My son is a big fan of that show, so I immediately recognized everything.

    Thanks for coming to my blog and entering my giveaway!