{Real Parties} Vintage Circus

My sincerest apologies for the radio silence the past few weeks.  After my daughter got sick, I did as well and it really wore me down.  On top of that, I'm working on the new website that is scheduled to be launched on April 9 or so!  I'm super excited about it and all the new products I will have for you!  

Enough of that - onto the party!

I came across this party and thought it was a brilliant idea - a vintage circus party to celebrate a child's baptism as well as his 1st birthday and his mom's 30th birthday!  This party was originally hosted by Kate at  I Love Parties.  Kate did a fabulous job using vintage tin toys as decoration and creating a 'big top' tent using fabric at her food table.  Without further adieu, on with the show!


In May this year, my son and I had a combined Christening and 1st Birthday (him) and 30th Birthday (me...obviously). He and I share a Birthday which means double the party fun for the next couple of years (while I can still get away with it).
The theme was vintage circus - the perfect theme to cover all age groups.
The room was decorated with colourful banners, vintage circus posters and a "homemade" big top (long strips of calico and lots of red paint!).
The tables were decorated with red and white striped table runners, tin toys, circus megaphones and bunches of red, yellow, blue, green and white balloons.
Brown kraft paper favour bags were decorated with variety of ribbons and filled with old fashioned lollies (including large jaffas, sherbet bombs, bananas, bullseyes, conversation hearts and lollipops) and some red "Admit One" tickets.
We set up a fairy floss, peanut and popcorn stand for people to help themselves. The peanut and popcorn bags were from etsy.
We had the meal catered, and it was a lovely BBQ with fresh salads and bread. I printed signs for the "Big Top Bar" and "Big Top Buffet". The kids ate fairy bread, cheese sandwiches and cupcakes with clown toppers and drank ice cream sodas.
I found a beautiful vintage clown doll on eBay that I propped up on the cake table.


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