{How To} Valentine Photo Shoot

Happy Friday everyone!  With Valentine's Day only 2 days away, I thought I would share a little how-to of a Valentine photo shoot I did with my children 2 years ago. 

This is a great little trick when you wish you had (insert color) walls or (insert floor) here!  Works fabulously for taking product pictures, too!

piece of plywood (at least 12" taller than your subject and 1-2ft  on either end)
heavy material (I'm using felt) sized to fit over the plywood in your color choice
piece of molding
large binder clips to attach material and molding to plywood
flooring (I purchased a box of snap-together wood flooring)
Props (optional)

Set up:
Place your fabric covered plywood straight against a wall.
Arrange your flooring so it butts next to it.  
Lay the molding on the bottom of the fabric plywood and attach with binder clips

When positioning your subjects, you don't want them to stand too close to the fake wall.

Lay out some props and let the kids have fun!

Candy is always a hit with the kids!

When taking pictures of infants, I use a boppy and cover it with material, blankets, etc.

Experiment with different materials for floors and walls!

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  1. Thanks for the ideas! I would never have thought of this!