{Party Planning Thursdays} Leprechaun Hunt

I received an email from Cassidy who is looking to host a St. Patrick's Day party for the children in her son's preschool class.  She made it very clear that she did not want paper shamrock cutouts or the glittery party supplies that are everywhere.  In her email she described how much her son enjoyed being in the backyard and discovering trinkets of twigs, rocks, and bugs.

Aha!  The idea was born!  Enjoy this Woodland Leprechaun Hunt Inspiration Board!

{Sources  Potato Wreath, Tulip Arrangement Photography by Adrian Briscoe for Elle Decoration UK Edition, Woodland Ornament, Potted Shamrocks, Tablescape, Cauldron, Cupcake with recipe, Terraniums}

A Potato Wreath greets your guests at the door, hinting of the rugged and woodsy feel that lie ahead.  Create a tablescape with burlap table coverings, containers of moss and wheatgrass and miniature leprechaun homes made from bark, twigs, rocks, and assorted natural materials.  Use tree stumps as seats for your guests for a wonderful outdoor feel.  Hang clear ornaments with moss, twigs, and berries to hang from trees, chandeliers, and ceilings.  Guests can create terraniums to take home.  For an alternative to candy or toy favors, send home shamrock plants in terra cotta pots for the children to take of.  

Onto the Leprechaun Hunt!  The hunt can be modifed for indoors or outdoors depending on the space you have available.  Create a path of flat walking stones with woodland leprechaun houses, woodland creatures,  and miniature leprechauns scattered about.  Ultimately, the path will lead to none other than the leprechaun with his pot of gold!

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