{Party Planner Thursdays} Futuristic Robots

I'm helping a friend of mine create a robot themed birthday party for her soon-to-be 4 year old.  This is such a fun theme and you can really get creative with decorations, food names, games and activities.  I wish  I had a picture of a 5 foot robot I built back in 6th grade for a class project.  My mom had to drive me to school and since the robot was so tall we had to hang him out the sunroof of the car! 

Decorating for this party is lots of fun!  Use aluminum foil as table runners and scatter nuts, bolts, and washers on the tables (for the younger crowd you can use kids' plastic ones found in their tool boxes - see my invitation picture above; I borrowed Luca's toys for the photo shoot!).  Slinkies and coil tubing found at the hardware store would be great too!  

Go to your local auto body shop and pick up oil funnels and gas cans.  Serve beverages out of the gas cans (cleaned, of course!) and make up fun names like Out of this World Punch and Robotic Fuel.  In lieu of traditional paper hats, give earch child an oil funnel as their hat.  You can create fun robotic costumes for your guests with cardboard boxes, silver spray paint, paper plates and cardstock.  Or, you could create the basic robot structure and allow each guest to decorate their own!

Use a projector, posterboard and paint to create giant robots, cogs, and gears.  Afifix them to walls and  hang from the ceiling or chandeliers.

Place Chex Mix in a bowl or individual baggies and label them nuts & bolts.  Cheez-its or SunChips can be called computer chips.

An empty metal paint, found at hardware stores, can hold favors such as a robot finger puppet or lollipop and other goodies.  

If your party will be outside, consider making large yard props of cogs and gears from styrofoam, wood, or foam board.  Scatter them throughout the yard and call it the 'Junk Yard'

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