Real Parties: Secret Agent Spy Party

I've always been intrigued by detective and investigative drama shows - Law & Order, Without a Trace, and now NCIS.  My mom and I "discovered" this show one rainy weekend in the summer when we had nothing to do and saying we're hooked is an understatement!  Even my daughter recognizes the characters and has a fondness for Abby (she named one of her dolls Santa brought her Abby, complete with pigtails but in a cute dress not goth attire) and Ducky!

This is a great theme for the older boys - and even girls!  Below are some of my favorite secret agent parties that have been created.  Enjoy!

Secret Agent Spy Party 
originally created by Lisa at Moore Minutes.

For more pictures and party details, visit here.

James Bond 007 Party
originally created by The Domestic Diva

For more party pictures and details, go here.

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