Real Parties: Woodland Fairy Birthday Party

This adorable party was originally hosted by Anna at The Princess and The Frog.  Check out the cake!

The Birthday girl!

Grace's woodland fairy party was so much fun to host! It was chaotic- I had no idea that 9 girls could get so loud- but fun! You will have to excuse the lengthy post but one of my favorite parts of planning a party is the details (that most 7 year olds would probably never notice) and I thought I would share. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that Grace was really interested in helping to get ready for her party. She had ideas for activities, helped make the cake and helped to set up. It was fun to do together!

The Theme
We decided to go with a whimsical woodland theme. Since she was turning seven I didn't want it to be too cutesy and sweet. The toadstool became the stepping off point for most of the decorations. 

The invitation

Our gift to Grace, wooden tree blocks

The Cake
The whole family had fun making the cake this year! The children helped to make the fondant critters and Grace helped make the cake. I love how it turned out!


The Decorations


The Food
Since the party was from 2-4 I didn't serve lunch. Instead we served small snacks and had cake!
I made bird nests out of chocolate and shredded wheat and put in some raspberries. I also tried to make fiddle head fern breadsticks but they didn't turn out looking like ferns at all! Fortunately, the girls didn't care! We had fairy punch (pink lemonade) and milk to drink.

The Activities
The girls made woodland fairy houses. They turned out really cute! They took them home along with one of the fairies hanging from the chandelier. We also made a fairy spell for good luck. Grace came up with this idea from a book her Aunt Delita sent her. We mixed up the spell and then sent bags home with instructions on how to complete the spell.



Mixing up the spell

Of course we ate cake and sang Happy Birthday



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  2. I would love to know what book AuntDelita sent you?

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